justanotherbidude asked: Aren't you afraid of having fecal incontinence when older? Hope u don't get offended by the question.

not at all, it’s the stupidest myth that your asshole is just going to end up a giant sloppy black hole. this idea is basically clearly stemmed from a place of internalized fear regarding toys or big objects in the butt. i mean unless you’re dumb and just like, live with a giant toy up your butt at all times, like ACTUALLY 24/7, then yes, but no. and i’m serious. as easy as i can open my hole up to being nice and workable, i can keep it tight as fuck too. it’s all in your head, opening up the asshole, thing is it can basically already open up that big for anyone really. that thing stretches like you wouldn’t (and clearly don’t) believe.

thanks for asking though bud. no offence taken. it’s more about ass feel than anything for me. you should read the last written post i wrote. i talk about ass play and why i have so many toys in it. it may help you understand a bit more too.

first thing i did getting into montreal was head to the chezpriape store,and guys, i just got a ton of leather. be ready for the swarm of leather photos that’s about to happen in the next coming week hahahaha, i’m not even sorry about it.plus i had the extremely sexy staff helping me out too!
another preview of the awesome leather i got from chezpriape, and also the extremely sexy staff’s extremely sexy butt.
hopped on a bus to montreal for a couple days
another shot of my wedgie in bootblackboy's briefs
he left me a nice gift when he was done

zekloss asked: Can I ask your top three kinks, dirty habits or fantasies?

sex between a person who is much wiser than his partner. not necessarily someone young either though, i just mean between two men. where one admires the other for how much more wise he is than himself. and wants nothing but to learn and grow from and impress this person, make them proud. aka, father/son teacher/pupil - have you heard of plato’s symposium? —-. that is by far my number one interest, and even more so, my lifestyle.

then i’d say underwear is my second. i love the intimacy related to a man’s underwear. no matter who he is, it’s something he uses to hold his dick and his ass, to protect them and gather their smell. it feels many of this man’s erections, and often has some dribble of cum and piss. and no other thing in this person’s life gets that close to his manhood. the fact that i’m wearing and smelling someone else’s, means a lot to me, it’s something very intimate that i get to enjoy. i get to get as close as the underwear and not only that but wear them on my own dick and ass. very very intimate. and arousing.

third, i’d say, would probably have to be armpit and dick smell, and even some ass smell too, but only the nice manly musky kind, nothing too extreme for the ass. dicks and pits though i can’t get enough of. that too also comes down to intimacy, something unique to a man, something his body, his penis, makes that i get to smell and get addicted to. it’s something other than words or things that your body creates and in the moment it’s shared you experience something from it. until you smell it again really. i like that.

since the first isn’t really a kink a dirty habit or a fantasy, i think i’d have to also include stimulation in this. nothing gets me off more than being stimulated sexually, or stimulating myself sexually and pushing those limits or having them pushed. masturbating (seeing how many times i can ejaculate in one day and forcing myself to try all day so i can really see what i’m able to produce, or being tied up by another and forced to endure it as much as he sees fit, trusting that he knows best in this situation and letting him control what happens) - sounding (seeing how big i can stretch my urethra or how deep i can put something in there) and anal stimulation (seeing how it feels when something with a different shape penetrates me, that’s mainly why i have so many toys, each of them feels different going in and coming out. and each one of them feels differently when i do that at a faster pace, and equally different at a slower pace. and each ass feel is fucking amazing in it’s own way) - i’ve only got one body and exploring it and stimulating it as much as i can is probably one of my top three kinks.

yesterday’s #thongthursday pic i posted on twitter(www.twitter.com/domisadog)(www.facebook.com/abeardedboy)just putting those links there because sometimes i post things to those social media websites that don’t make it to my tumblr.if you want all of me, add me on those too!
this is basically my pup look, collared, tiny leather shorts with an open zip back to fit my pup tail, my pup mask, and in the front, i’ve turned around my oxballs butt-hole butt plug and shoved my dick in it as though i was fucking it, it’s snapped into my shorts backwards and now acts as a nice rubber sheath for my puppy dick, leaving me ready to be someone’s prize pup.
trying to be a good guard dog for @priapestores(thanks www.chezpriape.com)
having a bit of fun with the undies bootblackboy sent methis one is for you cockpuppet & scottydoesntblow
the frontal PoV of my puppy look. see how i flipped the butt-hole butt plug by oxballs backwards and shoved my dick in to make it into a nice cozy rubber sheath? feels amazing trying to paw off and not being able to but only feeling your dick through it. what you can’t see too, is the puppy tail butt plug that’s shoved up my butt from (www.chezpriape.com) fuck i’m glad that store exists because otherwise i’d have none of this stuff
the oxball butt-hole plug, it’s made so you shove it in, it keeps you open, and it’s the perfect size for another dick to fuck right in and use you through it. who wants in?
i got a tri-pod yesterday, so i’m testing it out with my pup mask and the puppy tail i got from chezpriape
the tail is made by squarepeg, and i think www.chezpriape.com has it on sale for $50 right now which is insanely cheap! the mask is made by mr-S leather and i got it from chezpriape too but a long time ago so i’m not sure if they still sell it(this is the squarepeg large wag puppy tail)
i also discovered i can now do the exact thing i wanted to get my dick pierced for. now if only i had an actual daddy who called me his and locked me up by my dick.