my black thunder dildo balls deep


hey beardlovers, just wanted to share my amazon wishlist with you guys, my birthday is on halloween and i know some of you like saying thanks/showing appreciation with something other than a like/reblog or inbox message. by no means should any of you feel obligated, obviously i do this for fun and my wishlist is basically just a bunch of toys, 

but yeah, if you did wanna get me something, 

my AMAZON WISHLIST is: abeardedboy 

that curved tip allows me to push it in all the way, i just turn it around and around until it finds the right way and as soon as it does it just slides right in, best feeling in the world hehehethis one is for size reference
moar butts on horses
he really likes cum stained briefs so, had to share this one with him
i couldn’t send him the pics without showing him how my balls hang either right?
another shot from behind
another close-up from the same series for the extremely handsome daddy who asked me to take these
these cum stained briefs have a cum stained fuck hole too
even though there are only two guys in this picture, i remember waking up a few times to 5 or 6 guys in the room, and i know some were in and out too, so unsure how many dudes in total this daddy had over but fuck, the scene was hot as fuck. the things i remember from it are hot as fuck, every time i think about it it’s hot as fuck, fuuuckkk. again and again and again please. sign me up for daily night time drunken rape scenes.
just knowing this guy used me like his bitch has me hard as a rock right now looking at these photos
once the other dude finished i guess this guy hopped on, fuck i wish i was conscious for this, he looks like an extremely hot fucker
the other side, you can see they’d tied up my hands too
he had me show up extremely drunk, forced me to keep drinking, and then invited his friends over to use me all night while i was half awake half passed out. it was the hottest sex i’ve had in a long time, waking up at 4am with someone deep in your ass is so fucking boner inducing, really shows you how much of a slut for sex you are