flash attack!
just one of the photos from last week at the beach with these two studs, i’m the shadow hahaha
he wanted to see my butt smoking a cigar so i pulled down the amazing leather pants chezpriape gave me and offered him my hole
hanging out in the showers
mount rushmore
my ET 312 came in this week… i’m up to 3 hfo’s today…gonna try for one more before the end of the night. 
last night’s attire for full fetish at the eagle:chezpriape's new line of high vis leather(oh, and deviantotter's torn up jeans hehehe)
that time i pet a shark at the aquarium
my victory stancethanks msbear627 for getting me this off my amazon wishlist
flipped the squarepeg puppy tail butt plug around and i’m fucking myself with the probe like tail, and i’m pushing the second little flappy thing that usually prevents it from going in deeper as a plug inside my hole so that it holds it in. leaving just the plug piece out instead, thanks www.chezpriape.com !!!
got this in the mail last night, ups fucked up their delivery though and i didn’t get to see who it was from but you sent me a message before, thank you for this guy, he’s beautiful. i’ll grab some photos of him pushing through my hole as soon as i can
sometimes i just lay around like this
classic flexing for the camera while giving angry sex stare photo
first thing i did getting into montreal was head to the chezpriape store,and guys, i just got a ton of leather. be ready for the swarm of leather photos that’s about to happen in the next coming week hahahaha, i’m not even sorry about it.plus i had the extremely sexy staff helping me out too!
more new dick jewelry