i had a similar shot where my dick wasn’t pierced, figured i should take one with it pierced and compare both.i would not go back on getting it pierced, i love my pierced dick.
one of our resident dj’s at TRADE, david picard
so many singlets, can’t pick which i want to wear tonight for cub camp#hornyboyproblems
up close and personal with the wouter toy(www.priape.com)
peekaboo i see through you!
here’s a front view just to give you guys a scale for size really… can’t fit it all in my mouth… but you can see through ;) now… just picture that, but… behind. hard-linking this post to the actual toy on the (www.priape.com) website if anyone wants to get it for themselves, i know how some of you always ask where i get my toys. check this shit out it’s worth it!also, dick piercing
this is it going inside of me… kind of hot to see up my fucking hole through the toy as i fuck myself. easily my new favorite toy hahahaha just based on how smooth it is and the see-through perspective.(www.priape.com) check it out it’s worth it, tons of awesome toys and gear and i know some of you were asking me where i get my toys.also yes, my shower is on hahahahahaha
i just got this wicked see-through toy from the new “chez priape” (www.priape.com) - not sure if any of you know about that site but it’s definitely worth a lookthe toy is MASSIVE, and see through, and it feels awesome going in because it’s so smooth, i know a few of you who’d go nuts riding this thing… kinda cool to be able to see inside of you too
and the front…
playing around with this piece a little more in my building’s fire escape stairs
had lunch with my friend david today, i wanted to do so while wearing something incredibly compromising, pretty sure he had no idea this was what i was wearing under my clothes.
laundry day and all i wanna do is walk around in my undies and fuck around on my laptop
he soaked me and then let me take a photo, what a nice guy
so my friend james made this ridiculously awesome illustration of me based on various other photos of mine and i’m incredibly blown away by how awesome this came out! holy fuck so great!
got some new jewelry yesterday