so i’m visiting home again in new-brunswick (if you don’t count the 30 hours i was here for christmas last year, i haven’t been home in 5 years) and while using the washroom i realized that this is the first thing i ever had up my hole, back when i was just a horny 12 year old. naturally my reaction was to share this with you all, and to fuck myself with it again.(thanks mom for taking good care of your things and this weird hardly ever used plant holder thing you keep in the bathroom. it’s been getting lots of use from me over the years and having the chance to ride it some more, 15 years after it was the first thing to ever “fuck” me, feels pretty fucking amazing)
one of the best feelings in the world
who knew the wrecker butt plug i got from would act as an amazing gag?! "learn something new everyday"
my papa came to watch me play today
mr papa man training shane the horse while i snap pics
cut my own hair again
another pic from my beach day with kain
spent some quality father son time today at the pier
my papa’s beautiful clydesdale
loving my wrecker butt plug from
ah what the hell, here’s another before i head out,love pushing this wrecker plug from as far in as i can (i can actually push it entirely in if i want to hehehe)
took a bit more but i need to run off to work… so this is the preview of a few more pics of my wrecker buttplug i got from i’ll post some more later when i get home!
some “end of the season” fun at the beach the other day
my papa trains horses and this is his horse, she’s beautiful and extremely gentle
flash attack!