i honestly have no idea why me getting a puppy tail took so long, but here’s my SUPER FUN puppy tail i got from www.chezpriape.com!!!(it’s the squarepeg large wag puppy tail)(if you put in “ABEARDEDBOY” on reg. priced stuff you get 15% off)this is it with just the plug part of it inside me, but i can fit even the little flaps on the side (which keep it from going in further than the plug part) in too and it acts as a semi-lock inside my hole once those two outwards pieces cradle on the inside of my butt instead of stopping it from going in more from the outside.
i’ve started playing with my nipples, and now i really want them to get nice and big!! surprised a bit at how much i’m enjoying this kind of pain, i’m not usually into that sensation and discovering this about myself is really exciting.loverface’s actual father gave these to us as a gift for christmas along with a couple really cool photographs to put on our wall. i’m finally putting the clamps to good use… though i’m not sure this is how he intended for them to be used…
i’ve also learned to rotate the clamps too, i want the tips to just be really big and sensitive
no resistance on these extremely tight clamps


hey guys, just thought i’d share my amazon wishlist with you guys, i recently went through it and made sure all items can be shipped to canada, had some trouble with that previously. don’t feel like you need to get me anything either, but if you do want to thank me with more than just a re-blog or thank you note this is a great way to do it.


just found this pic in my files of when i was running around my place acting like an animal with my animal print briefs, thought i’d share
aram took this one of me while we were at trinity bellwoods
2 cock rings around the entire base, one ball stretcher, one cock ring around the middle of the ball stretcher to add tightness & pack it all inside a jockstrap.this is how you do it right if you want to be putting yourself through some exciting self abuse.
i picked up some new hankies today.they’re on the appropriate side.
boys of summer
the sound of waves
abeardedboy and loverface, summer 2014
had a lot of fun at the beach todaythanks for taking this mrloverface
amazing photo Andrew Kounitskiy took of Nancy Bocock and i